Photo courtesy of Mari Taketa, Nonstop Honolulu

Photo courtesy of Mari Taketa, Nonstop Honolulu


Who is this crazy lady?


First of all, her name is Kathy.


Becoming independent after the end of a 25 year marriage was more than a little frightening, and looking back, it makes me amazed that I made the decision that I did.I turned down a stable desk job to become a baker, naively believing that just committing to an excellent product using my passion for baking was enough to succeed. No employees, no clients, not even much of a plan– just dedication and tentative hope. 

Not really a strategy based on solid economic principles, but in a year, we’ve gone from losing money to selling out at farmer’s markets and delivering pies to locations all around Oahu.Working in the kitchen 12 hours a day, 7 days a week doing what I love is infinitely better than doing an everyday job just for the money. Even in the beginning, when my future was uncertain, the words “Wow. That’s the best pie I’ve ever had” were reward enough.I’m working to support myself and my two boys, and I’m doing it on my own terms.  I enter my new life with my two wonderful sons and friends unmatched in their love and support of me.


It’s not called Sweet Revenge because I’m getting back at anyone.

My happiness, hard work and success are the sweetest revenge.

 -Kathy Masunaga