It's a busy thursday!

you can get your sweet revenge at 3 locations today! We will be at the kailua and makiki markets as usual, and also at the hiff courtyard cinema in the ward IBM building 6-8 (across from tj maxx). 

At the kailua and makiki markets - chicken,  gac mac, quiche, darkside, pumpkin crunch, apple crumb, chocolate banana cream,  lilikoi crunch,  pink Pitaya peach pineapple pomegranate pie (say it 3 times fast), maybe more... 

At the hiff courtyard cinema children,  quiche, darkside, kalamansi, pb cup, pumpkin crunch, chocolate macaroon,  lilikoi chiffon.  

We can bring pies to your preferred location if it's on another location's menu, just email us your order, location,  phone number,  and time of pick up. Hope to see you tonight!